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Monday, February 27, 2012

#RealHappiness - Day 22 - LovingKindness Meditation

On Day 22 of the #RealHappiness #MeditationChallenge, I sat listening to the Guided LovingKindness Meditation provided by Sharon Salzberg in the Week Four section of Real Happiness.

I've done these practices before, and I'm growing to love them more and more.  In this first, introductory guided meditation to the Metta practice, Sharon guides us to wish ourselves to be to be safe, happy, healthy, and at ease.

"May I be safe,
May I be happy,
May I be healthy,
May I live with ease."

Following that, she asks us to call to mind someone who has helped us in our lives, or who might have inspired us.  For this portion, and for no apparent reason other than her awesomeness, my friend @KittyDew came to mind.  I envisioned her fun loving face, with her cute doggies Pickles and Lulu.  I let the joy that her presence in my life, and our conversations, brings me fill my thoughts. Then I wished for her:

"May you be safe,
May you be happy,
May you be healthy,
May you live with (Pup) ease."

Letting thoughts of my Kitty-bud drift away, I brought my focus back to the breath and called to mind someone I know who is suffering right now.  Her image arose and I focused on some of the difficulties she has faced recently with her job, her health, her families health and more.  She's dear to me, and I wished for her:

"May you and yours be safe,
May you and yours be happy,
May you and yours be healthy,
May you and yours live with ease."

Lastly, I called to mind a difficult person.  Someone you've had a disagreement with.  Maybe someone who has hurt you in some way.  For me, a person whom I had been arguing with, but deeply loved, came to mind.  Since I care very deeply for them, it was easy for me to welcome them, and wish them Metta, but you might have someone in mind whom you find it very difficult to send well wishes to.  If this happens, return to the breath until you feel ready to try again.  When I called them to mind, I was ready and able to wish them:

"May you be safe,
May you be happy,
May you be healthy,
May you live with ease."

This practice, at first glance seems very easy and also perhaps a little ineffectual.  As I have been practicing it more and more, I've come to realize it is neither.  It is not always easy, and - practiced regularly, for long periods - I think it has the power to change your life entirely.  I have some friends like @Jacklope who find it to be crucial for them.  If you've had the pleasure of knowing him, you might understand how powerful this practice really can be!  He has said that it has cracked open his heart and filled him with love.  He's such a genuinely great guy that he positively glows with it.  If he owes this to the Heart Practices, as he has said, then it's certainly worth exploring!


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