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Friday, March 11, 2011

Help With The Crisis In Japan

Today is a gorgeous spring day in the southern United States.  Reports coming out of Japan say it was there today as well, until the Tsunami hit.

Watching the footage today of the carnage in the wake of the Tsunami and Quake, I have found it very difficult to write my thoughts down.  I decided to simply post the notes I jotted down as I watched it unfold.  It's just words and phrases, but it's straight from the heart. 

What the...
Oh my god...
drive, drive, drive!
I can't believe that's real!
Is that real??
That house is on fire AND is riding the wave!!
I've never seen anything like this...jeez...
those poor people...
How many...
shrines, businesses, temples, farms, food, cars, boats.....lives.
hurts to look at...
repulsed, captivated, amazed, overwhelmed, saddening...
Maybe the world will calm down and focus on suffering.
Need to do something.

I'm still completely overwhelmed by this as I post this, so don't really know what to say, or do really.  I did want to make sure I posted the link to the site Google has set up for resources related to the tsunami.  Hope you'll all go there and see if there is anything you can do to help.


Thoughts with Japan,

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