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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mindfulness Is Easy In Paradise!

Y'know, some days it's just easier to be present in every moment.  It helps tremendously when you're in paradise! 
Elbow Beach, Bermuda, at Sunrise

I started this week out in Bermuda, and had a truly great time.  It was a beautiful place to be, and it made my mindfulness very easy indeed.  

Mindfulness is being fully present in every moment.  Sometimes, it can be very easy to do but for most of us there is effort involved.  I practice a lot of mindful walking, as any regular readers of this blog will know, and that makes it pretty easy.  It's even easier if you are in a nice place like a park.  The prettier the nature or surroundings, for me, the easier it is to be very mindful and grateful for all of the incredible elements that make up my life.

So being in Bermuda, surrounded by beauty at literally EVERY turn makes it about as easy as it can possibly be!  Here's a few scenes from my week of mindful moments in Bermuda:

I'll probably write several more posts about, or related to, Bermuda this week as I was struck by many things there.  However, I have started several of those posts and found them challenging so far.  We'll see what comes, but for now I wanted to share this one thing I took home from Bermuda with me:

The amazing ocean views from Elbow Beach are no more incredible than the rich life at the park near my house.  Sure the beach is more striking to the eye, but when you really focus on being mindful and present, you find that they aren't any different.  In fact, they are the very same.  They are both made up of the exact same elements, and are both brimming with diverse life and incredible beauty.  The things that make them both beautiful are the exact same, and the rest is a matter of perception.

Ponder that for a bit, the next time you are at your local park or neighborhood enjoying a mindful walk.  If you are truly mindful, it will be every bit as wonderful as that beach was.  That's the true power of mindfulness.


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