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Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Like Water

I had a great weekend!  We did all our usual weekend stuff, but on Saturday night my wife took my daughter to a "Very Grinchy Christmas" ballet put on by her ballet school (not her class).  The extra "me-time" allowed me to set up my workout routines in iFitness which I have been meaning to do.  Not sure yet if there is any real benefit to the app, but I'll review it here in the near future.

Also it made it possible for me to get in some extremely focused Tai Chi and meditation on a Saturday evening (something not normally possible). My Tai Chi Saturday, and today, was so much more beneficial than normal.  Not sure why.  It's always calming, and frequently is noticeably beneficial physically, but for some reason the last couple of times seemed like I hit a new level physically.  It felt like I was hitting everything just right.  It's hard to describe but it's a huge difference.

Sunday was nice and lazy, as a Sunday should be.  I went for a few-mile walk (in the mall) and then we all went to the park.  The weather was great for us.

There were a lot of crazy stressful moments, and a lot of nice relaxing family  time moments throughout the weekend, and this picture I took at the pond in the park sort of summed it all up visually for me.  Reminded me to "be like water" and to be balanced and calm.

Great weekend!

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