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Friday, October 1, 2010

Turning Lemons in to Lemonade

I was really taken by something I saw today. It was a really strong visual example, to me, of someone finding a great way to turn a negative in to a positive. There's a Starbucks I visit, (Yes, it's the one I used to purchase my daily Venti Mocha Fraps from, but now it's just a tall black coffee) and outside the main entrance on the sidewalk, there are these two giant potted plant arrangements that the store tends to. They're very nice, but you don't really pay much attention to them.

The other day, when I pulled up, I noticed that someone had obviously pulled up too far and had hit and smashed the pot for one of them. The poor plant was still standing in with it's soil molded in the shape of the pot, but the pot was cracked in a few giant pieces. A few days later, when I returned, I found that someone had come up with a great way to save the plant AND the pot!

Now most folks would only have saved the plant, if even that. Someone not only found a way to save the plant, but made use of the broken pot as well, and turned the whole thing in to a bit of garden art! I was blown away! I knew immediately that it had to be the manager, Alper. He's a really wonderful guy, who's so incredibly and genuinely nice that everyone loves him. I asked who's idea it had been and, of course, it was his.

Please take a look at this, and think about how truly surprising, impressive and wonderful an example this is of how to live our lives.




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  1. Ha! To cool! The pot is already broken, but it makes a nice garden art piece! Smart and wise way of looking at things! Love it!