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Monday, October 11, 2010

Staying mindful on the road

I travel for work a good bit, and today I found myself in Cincinnati. I had been planning on eating at Skyline Chili (famous local chili joint) even until I landed. But when I looked for nearby eateries, a good vegan place caught my eye. I mustered my mindfulness and chose Melt Eclectic Cafe.

I had a BBQ chicken sandwich and cup of chili. All vegan and DELICIOUS!!!

I worked the rest of the day, then headed up to Devou Park for a great mindful walk.

Lastly, I finished the day with dinner by the water with another veggie choice. Edamame hummus with wheat pita, and veggies. And then a spring mix salad with walnuts, sun dried cranberries, English cukes, Bleu cheese and a basil orange balsamic vinaigrette.

I'm always so glad when I manage to eat great food, mindfully, and get great exercise in, when I'm on the road and it's so easy to eat poorly and sit around.

What a great day!

Mondo Samu

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