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Mondō: "questions and answers"; a recorded collection of dialogues between a pupil and teacher.
Samu: Work service; meditation in work.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ask, and it is given....

...Well...at least five times anyhow....and only if it's a FREE PROMO CODE for an iPhone Meditate - Meditation Timer by SimpleTouch Software!

SimpleTouch Software was kind enough to give me some promo codes (see my "full disclosure" section in the lower right of the blog if you have questions or concerns as to how I handle this sort of thing).  

So, pretty simple here....No contests or crazy rules....simply be one of the first five people to post and ask nicely for a free code, and I will email it to you if you include your email address.  That simple.

I ask for nothing in return, but I would gently suggest that if you like it, be sure you let the developer know and spread the word.  It's a great app deserving of much love!



  1. I'd love to try it out. Send me a code at my email happymonkey at gmail dot com.

  2. I'm interested. Carrie (underscore) 808 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  3. Thanks, I DM'd you the code on Twitter.

  4. Really looking forward to taking up your most generous offer. Thank you. _/|\_
    wonderingseeker (at) gmail (dot) com (ZenChinchilla)

  5. That sounds awesome! If you still have a code, I would like to give it a whirl!

    tristanuk at gmail

    Thanks so much! /t